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Customer Care


The company provides a guarantee on its product for a limited period of 1 year. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover goods damaged because of:

    A) Use of the equipment contrary to the company instructions.

    B) Repair, alteration and improper taking apart of the equipment without the company written authorization. C) Damages caused by natural events and/ or unexpected circumstances (e.g. thunder, fire, freeze, etc.)

Payment Methods


The terms of payment shall be stipulated at the time of the agreement by the company quotation of the conditions of sale; no rounding off, subtraction or discount can be accepted without the company prior written consent. The purchaser shall not be entitled to suspend any part of the payment as counterclaims or for any dispute whatsoever, even if legitimate. 


Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, transport or special packing unless otherwise agreed.

Return of Goods

The company will not accept the return of goods without the prior approval and only after written consent of a company authorized- person. Any return of goods must always be accompanied by the costumer official letter headed delivery note. Under no circumstances will the company accept returned goods that do not comply with the above indications.

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