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Our company specializes in decentralized wastewater treatment units. From domestically assembled units to preordered units from abroad. Our company can provide different solutions to your wastewater problems. We provide units like SBRs, MBBRs, MBRs, UASBs, Aerobic polishing tanks, etc...



Our company started the water treatment line in 1999 with a wide range of ROs and softener sizes and types. The water treatment line focused on installing and providing water treatment solutions from domestic sizes to commercial and industrial size ROs and softeners and their consumables. 



In recent years the idea of greywater recycling became more popular. The increased demand has driven our company to provide solutions for greywater treatment. We now offer treatment units that perform treatment via physical means, biological means, or a combination of both. 



For each of our services, we provide operation and maintenance contracts as well as replacement fittings and consumables. Our maintenance team is known for its excellent service and problem-solving ability. We pride ourselves on the team we have assembled for your service. 



We are the sole distributors for ETATRON D.S. in Jordan, we carry a wide range of their products in stock. Dosing pumps have a wide range of applicability and capacities to best serve your needs. With our own brand in house, we can offer the best prices in the market. 


Our professional technicians provide disinfection services for water tanks and pipes. Our services extend to large water tanks and building water piping systems.


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