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eSelect B2

Electronic instruments controlling electrochemical parameters such as pH, Redox or Chlorine are widely used in swimming pools, waterworks and water treatment plants.
The eSelect Series Controllers stand out for the following features:
- The capability of performing the most possible measurements with just one type of electronic board: pH, Redox (mV), Cl (ppm).
- Simple and easy to learn programming procedure providing two types of menu: a SIMPLE menu allowing the user to control indispensable functions, and an EXPERT menu giving the user the full capability of setting all functions.
- Galvanically isolated electronics providing a high level of immunity to disturbances.


Colour backlit 4”display • Galvanic Isolated Electronics • 4 - 20 mA output (dynamic 0..500Ω) No. 2 current output for each measurements • TTL 0 – 999 imp/min output. No. 2 TTL output for each measurement • Measure pH 0 … 14 0,01 • Measure Rx (mV) - 1000 ….+1400 ± 1mV • Chlorine measure 0÷2; 0÷20; 0÷200; 0÷2000 ppm • Temperature measure 0 – 100°C • Weekly, Daily Timer for programmed dosing : flocculant cycle or probe cleaning • Internal memory data storage and USB output for downloading • Minimum and maximum measurement alarm function • Overdosing alarm function • Serial output for connecting to computer/network

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