The The eControl series of controllers have been designed and developed to be used in wellness centres, domestic and public swimming pools.
The controllers use galvanic isolated micro-processors protecting the measured readings from the application environment.
The principal functions performed by the eControl are:
• Sensor calibration: 0.00 ÷ 14.00 “pH”, -1000 ÷ +1400 mV “Redox”, 0÷2, 0÷20, 0÷200 ppm (Cl), 0÷2, 0÷20, 0÷200 ppm (Ion-selective sensor of for a
specific chemicals).
• Temperature control definition: automatic (connection to PT100 sensor) or manual (default 25°C)
• 2 set points for each measure input.
• Type of intervention (direct or inverse).
• Hysteresis
• ON/OFF or proportional activation mode
• Delay time of the pump activation
• MAX alarm, for a maximum measure.
• MIN alarm, for a minimum measure.
• Over alarm, indicates an overdose situation. This is activated when the defined setpoint value is not reached in a predetermined time
• 4 - 20 mA output, galvanically isolated.
• Relay output for signalled alarm status.
Optional - eControl with double measurement ranges that are independently configurable