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eOne MA

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The new range of Etatron DS Dosing Pumps, the eOne series, represents an important step forward. The eOne technical characteristics deliver a reliable and effective solution for those businesses and customers involved in Chemical Dosing and Water Treatment.

The main common characteristics for all the eOne series (except for the eOne BASIC pump) are as follows:
1. High stroke rate of 300 impulses/min

2. Flow rate variation control in relation to pressure changes

3. Energy efficient (typically 26W at the maximum load) using absorbed power control in comparison to the real dosing conditions. 
This gives the following advantages:  •  Constant dosing  •  Energy saving  •  Low operating temperatures resulting in reduced mechanical/electrical stress and giving increased equipment life cycle and reliability. 
4. eOne Dosing Pumps power supply range of 100v….250Vac (50-60Hz) voltage

5. Proportional function. 1÷1 on all manual pumps

6. UNDERLOAD – Suction alarm: in the event of a low chemical level, blocked suction valve or damaged suction line

7. OVERLOAD – Discharge alarm: in the event of overpressure in pump head caused by an obstruction or increased operating system pressure beyond the pump specification

8. Level control.


• Equipment manufactured in accordance with EC standards.

• External casing made out of plastic material resistant to acid and temperature.

• Control panel protected with the serigraphic film.

• Multi-voltage power supply 100-250 V 50-60 Hz

• Degree of protection: IP65

• Environmental conditions: indoors, maximum altitude 2000 m, room temperature from 5 ° C to 40 ° C, maximum relative humidity 80% up to a maximum of 31 ° C (decreasing linearly until it is reduced to 50% at 40 ° C ).

• Classification with respect to protection against direct contacts: CLASS I, the equipment is supplied with a protective conductor.

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